Hello! My name is Alex Wolf, and I’m passionate about software development.  I work as a Content Developer for Microsoft and am highly engaged in the .NET/Azure platforms and communities. I also have experience working with other technologies such as React/Node, DevOps pipelines, Android and various general web development tools.

Teaching will always be one of my core passions. You can find a number of courses I have produced over at Pluralsight, one of the largest and most exciting online learning platforms.  Software developers are life long learners, so I hope to see you over there!

In my free time I also maintain a hobbyist interest in 3D animation, video production, game development, and other cool “tinkering” technologies.  I’m also currently working on building a Youtube channel for more free form thoughts and ideas.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or would like to say hello, and keep learning! (but take breaks too, go do something fun)